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DMM Management provides several engineering services to the wireless industry, such as network deployment, RF system design, network optimization, drive testing, and E911 testing.

What We Do

  • System Design

  • System Optimization

  • Network Planning

  • In-Building Applications

  • Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Transport Engineering

  • Backhaul Design

  • Field Data Collection

  • Field Measurements

  • E911 Testing and Phase Verification

  • Training

Whom We Serve 

Departments that manage:

  • RF Engineering

  • System Performance

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • In-Building

  • Distributed Antenna Systems

  • Transport Engineering

  • Planning

  • E911

  • Training


Network Development

DMM Management has been involved in all aspects of cell site services and has specialized in deployment, the launching of new sites and technology, as well as integration of existing, new, and future services.  We have experience in mobile sites and RDU’s as well.

Whether it be coverage, capacity, or technology improvement, we can help.


Network Optimization

In order to keep up with increasing demand, carriers must utilize every resource available to maximize coverage and achieve peak network performance.

DMM Management provides an optimization program that specializes in ensuring a carrier’s network is working at its optimal capacity by addressing factors such as network upgrades, topography, traffic, and an increasing customer base. Our optimization team provides services to monitor and analyze network performance, perform regular drive tests to measure key performance indicators, and recommend changes to improve performance.

What We Deliver

  • Collect network performance data, post-process, analyze, and recommend changes

  • Resolve capacity and call quality issues by controlling handover failures and minimizing dropped calls

  • Define new Business Support System (BSS) parameters such as neighbor list, frequency plans, etc.

  • Layer three message analysis

  • Check for and provide interference solutions

  • Recommend addition or upgrading of radios or channel elements to alleviate congestion and capacity

  • Provide high-level reports for management

  • Execute routine performance bench-marking for network trending analysis



Being compliant with current E911 regulations is a major task realized by all wireless carriers in the United States. DMM Management prides itself on being up-to-date on the requirements in this fast-paced, technical environment. To this end, DMM Management is able to provide precise and reliable end-to-end testing of all major wireless protocols.

Excerpt from the official FCC website:

The FCC’s Wireless 911 Rules

As part of its efforts to improve public safety, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted rules aimed at improving the reliability of wireless 911 services and the accuracy of the location information transmitted with a wireless 911 call. Such improvements enable emergency response personnel to provide assistance to 911 callers much more quickly.

DMM Management offers all aspects of E911 testing from planning to final execution.

What We Deliver

  • Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) scheduling and liaison

  • Calibration

  • Live PSAP calls

  • Simulated PSAP calls

Contact us today to see how we can help your company.

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